2019 NBA Playoffs Prediction: San Antonio Spurs V. Denver Nuggets

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(7) San Antonio Spurs V. (2) Denver Nuggets

The last game to end the day, we have the Spurs heading up to the mile high city and I do not expect much from this series. The Nuggets had such an unexpected dominating season. I don’t think a single person saw the Nuggets coming in second place, but when players like Jokic and Murray were dominating most this season it makes sense. Jokic led the team in PPG this season averaging 20.1 and lead the team in RPG with 10.8.

So the Spurs have a long and hard road this first round and I do not see them making it past the Nuggets. The Spurs just don’t have “IT” this season. DeMar DeRozan had his worse season since the 2015-16 season, and as a big LaMarcus Aldridge guy, this statement hurts, its not good when he is your best player. Aldridge is a good #2 guy, but he needs another guy on the team to be the better player. It makes sense in my head. The Nuggets will win the series, but the Spurs will win two games.

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