2019 NBA Playoffs Prediction: Detroit Pistons V. Milwaukee Bucks

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(8) Detroit Pistons V. (1) Milwaukee Bucks

With the final eastern conference game, we have the Pistons heading to Milwaukee and this series is already a wash. The Bucks have just dominated the Eastern Conference this season and that got them the best record in the East and the NBA. So home court advantage for them as they take on a very easy Pistons team. The Bucks are already 4-0 against the Pistons this season so I really don’t expect much here.

Also, it doesn’t help having your best player injured. With Blake Griffin out game one, the Pistons have no chance with tonight’s game, but with or without Blake, The Pistons are losing this series. The Bucks should wrap this series up quick as they will win 4-0 this series.

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