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(5) Indiana Pacers V. (4) Boston Celtics

Now onto day two and we got our first 4-5 matchup of the series as the Pacers take on the Celtics in what I think should be a very fun and exciting match up. The Pacers took a huge bump when they lost Victor Oladipo, but they haven’t been the worst since the loss. The Pacers are 15-17, but you have to give them credit because they were able to fight through the injury and get the 5th seed.

Also, it’s not like the Pacers are going against the hardest team in the world. The Celtics have underperformed to an extremely bad level, you just got to wonder how could they be this bad with all the talent they got. Most people like me thought that this team would run the east, but a lackluster of a season later and I think the Pacers win this series. I don’t know why I think this, but I just don’t see the Celtics winning here. I think the Pacers will win this in 6.

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